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Wonders Below

Welcome to Wonders Below, a Social Enterprise by esteemed Oceaneer Stephen Petith. Wonders Below is redefining ocean awareness by bridging the gap between the scientific world and the millions of people that rely on the ocean for their livelihood and/or recreational activities.

What You'll Experience at Wonders Below


We know that to truly experience something one must build a connection first. So we are going to build experience centres and conduct field trips and voyages to allow citizen scientists to experience the wonders below in all their glory.


We know that there is a gap between what people think they know and what the real knowledge about the oceans is, so we are going to provide a platform for this knowledge to be easily accessed by all.


We are going to explore the other 90% of the ocean that is currently not been explored, through our partnerships with other leading ocean organisations and the scientifically community.

Did you know?

The longest chain of mountains – at 56,000 kilometres! – in the world is under the sea.

The deepest underwater area, known as the Mariana Trench, is 11 kilometres down. You'd likely be crushed if you ever made it down that far, though.
The biggest ocean in the world, the Pacific, which covers a whopping 30 per cent of the globe, has more than 25,000 islands. It means 'peaceful sea' and is also wider than the moon in its widest part!
The ocean is responsible for creating 70 per cent of the world's oxygen because of all its phytoplankton marine plants.

Want to help?

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