About Wonders Below

Welcome to Wonders Below, a social enterprise by esteemed oceaneer Stephen Petith. This interactive initiative sets itself apart from others, introducing you to 360 different experiences that will have you immersed in the underwater world from the comfort of your home. You’ll witness creatures, plants and more from the deepest seas around the globe – some of which have barely ever been seen by human eyes. 

The oceans cover more 70% of the earth’s surface and contain the majority of life on this planet, yet 95% of them have not yet been explored. Therefore, the scope for scientific discovery is immense. 


An improved understanding of the ocean will help us to gain key knowledge about the world’s existence in the past as well as its future. Even more importantly, the sustainability of life on earth depends on the health of our seas. 

Petith was inspired to create this exhibition by his own experiences charting the ocean. As an Australian, he has always felt a close connection with the water. His mission is to champion the importance of the seas during a time when the threat towards them due to global warming is increasing.


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